Bestatter Greifswald

Natural burial Greifswald

In a natural burial, the ashes of the deceased are interred in a quiet and tranquil landscape.The burial of the urn can take place in a specially designated area, such as a meadow, by a tree, rock, stream or other natural setting. The urn is placed in the ground beneath the turf, where the deceased will find his or her final resting place.Gravestones, grave crosses and floral decorations are generally not used in this form of burial in order to preserve the natural character of the surroundings.

Oasis of eternity - burials in the Swiss Alps

The "Oasis of Eternity" is a place in the Swiss canton of Valais where natural burials can be held in the Valais Alps. As a relative, you can place the ashes of the deceased under the grass in a peaceful idyll (without an urn).In the "Oasis of Eternity" there are no paths, grave monuments or other memorial markings in order to preserve the natural character of the region. There is no grave maintenance here, because nature takes care of that.