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Greifswald Funeral Home

Do you wish a funeral in Greifswald or are you interested in information about a funeral in Greifswald? Let us advise you about the funeral options in Greifswald in the branches of the funeral homes or by telephone.If you are looking for a competent funeral director in Greifswald - whether for a cremation in Greifswald, a traditional burial in Greifswald or for a conversation for a funeral contract in Greifswald - funeral homes are available to you, for example. in Wieck with Ladebow, Eldena, Riems with the island Koos, Friedrichshagen, Ostseeviertel, Innenstadt with Steinbeckervorstadt, Fleischervorstadt, Fettenvorstadt, Nördliche Mühlenvorstadt, Südliche Mühlenvorstadt, Obstbausiedlung, Stadtrandsiedlung, Industriegebiet, Schönwalde I and Südstadt with Groß Schönwalde and Schönwalde II are always open and ready to advise you.You are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation at the funeral home branch or often at your home.

Funeral homes in Greifswald

Funeral home Hennig
At the new cemetery 12
17489 Greifswald
Funeral home Heidrun Pietsch GmbH - Branch office
Ernst-Thälmann-Ring 11-13
17491 Greifswald
Funeral Hennig
Station road
918507 Grimmen
Funeral home Torben Harms
817489 Greifswald Hanseatic City